Measuring tools

Temperature measurement system SKT(V)-8

Система предназначена для оперативного контроля температуры элементов трансформатора в процессе сушки твердой изоляции.


About us

Our firm has long experience work in the field of technology equipments development. High professional skill of our specialists, perfect recearch and test bases, design-automation system, present-day level of production guarantee high quality of our production.
Field experience of technology equipment on energetic objects of Ukraine, Russia, Czechian, Slovakian, Bulgaria, Baltic States, Colombia, Argentina confirmed it’s reliability and good performance.
Thanks to flexibility of our production we are not limited by manufacturing the above equipments. In case of Your order we shall design and produce the equipment which will work effectively in the field of insulating liquid processing.
Having got Your order, We will sent the delivery conditions in 2-week term.