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The air dehydration plants of OV type

Установка ОВ-200The Plants are designed for deep drying and purifying from mechanical impurities of the atmosphere air, which are used for purging the power transformers tanks during installation, service and repair of them.

The Plants are also used for regeneration the silica gel in thermosiphon filters, zeolite in chucks in the mounting pad condition for drying:

 Dry air capacity, m3/h, not less than 50 100 200
 Dried air dew point, oС, not more than  - 50
 Filtration rating of dryed air, micron , not more than
 Maximum pressure of dryed air at the Plant outlet, kPa, not more than
 50 50 80
 Installed power, kW, not more than 20 30 43.5
 Supply voltage
 3 х 380 V, 50 Hz
 Overall dimensions, mm: length – width – height 1200х1000х2000 1500х1000х2000 1600х1100х2075
 Weight, kg, not more than
 880 14001850