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NF series transformers oil heating and filtration plants

nf160The Plants are designed for heating and filtration the transformer oil which are used in the oil-filled electrical equipment (for example, power transformers) up to 1150 kV. Using of the Plants most effective for heating the active part and removal the material of aging the solid insulation of power transformers with using the sprinklers of transformer oil (by the "oil-spray" method).

 Capacity in heating and filtration mode of transformer oil, m3/h, not less than 10 20 40
 Capacity in heating mode of transformer oil, m3/h, not less than 20 40 60
 Cutoff rating, micron 5
 Decontamination factor Dx (on ISO 4572) ≥30
 *Mass contents of mechanical impurities in transformer oil at output after one operation cycle, gramm/ton, not more than 5
 **The service cycle of unified filterpacks with content of mechanical impurities in transformer oil at Plant’s input up to  50 gramm/ton, m3, not less than
 150 300 600
 Rated working pressure, kgf/cm2 -1-0-6
 Output pressure in heating and filtration mode, kgf/cm2, not less than 3.0
 Maximum oil temperature at output,  oС
 Installed power, kW 44 87.5 171
 Oil heater power, kW 40 80 160
 Supply voltage 3 х  380 V, 50 Hz
 Overall dimensions, mm:   length - width - height 1200х900х 1500 1450х1000х1500 1550х1000х1600
 Weight, kg 300 600 850

 * Cleanness class of transformer oil at Plant outlet as per ISO 4406 – not less than 13/10.
** The service cycle of unified filterpack if transformer oil has on input the grade of liquid purity of transformer oil as per ISO 4406  18/15, not less than 600 m3  (for  NF-160/40)