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The plant for preliminary drying the solid insulation «INEY»

ineyThe Plant is designed for vacuum degassing, preliminary drying and drying the solid insulation of power transformers up to 1150 kV, tanks of which withstand residual pressure 26 Pa (0.2 mm of mercury column) during installation and repair of them.

Using the Plant for transformers tanks which don't withstand residual pressure 26 Pа is possible after tank strengthening.

 Quickness of gas-vapor mixture exhaust from transformer at the residual pressure  26-60 Pa, m3/s, not less than 0.4
 Residual pressure in Plant at the closed inlet fitting, Pa, not more than 2.6
 The trap surface temperature which determines by cooling mixture temperature, oС, not above than:
  •  when hard carbon dioxide and acetone uses as refrigerant coolant
  •  when liquid nitrogen uses as refrigerant coolant
  •  when the built-in cooling facility is using
 Installed capacity, kW 28.5
 Supply voltage
 3 х 380V
Overall dimensions, mm:    length – width – height
  •  vacuum block
  •  low-temperature block
 Weight, kg:
  •  vacuum block
  •  low-temperature block