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The complete assembling hydraulic actuator ELMO-GM 15x4/20

PURPOSE: The hydraulic actuator ELMO-GM 15×4/20 is intended for drop-over tank hoisting during repair works.

Name ELMO-GM 15×4/20 interpretation:

ELMO - means electric and assembling equipment;

GM - means assembling hydraulic actuator;

15 - maximum carrying capacity of each post, t;

4 - number of posts in the actuator;

20 - maximum pressure in hydraulic system, MPa.

The hydraulic actuator ELMO-GM 15×4/20 contains a pump unit YG4e1/20 (1 item on fig.1), 4 posts (2.1 - 2.4 items) equipped with hydrocylinders, 8 pump high pressure hoses (3.1 - 3.8 items) and a device for separation drop-over tank and tray (fig.2).

Гидропривод комплектный монтажный ELMO-ГМ 15х4%2F20
Figure 1 – Layout chart of the hydraulic actuator ELMO-GM 15×4/20

  приспособление для отрыва колокола от поддона
Figure 2 – The device for separation drop-over tank and tray PK 10x4/50-200:
1 – hydrocylinder; 2.1, 2.2 – lower clamp; 3 – upper clamp;
4 – slat; 5 – tray; 6 – drop-over tank.


Hydraulic actuator works on coal oil 13 class of cleanness and viscosity from 10 to 400 mm2/c.

Maximum pressure in hydraulic system, MPa (kgs/sm2)20 (200)
Working liquid serve, l/min 4
Power consumption, not great then, kW 2,2
Supply voltage3х380 V, 50 Hz
Operating hydrocylinder effort, t15
Hydrocylinder rod working stroke, mm500
Tank capacity, l
Weight, not great then, kg


The pump unit YG4e1/20Providing of necessary specific technological effort in pump fluid of hydraulic system from 0 to 20 MPa 1
Post SPg15/20-5500Providing of necessary effort4
The device for separation drop-over tank and tray PK 10x4/50-200

Separation drop-over tank and tray

Pump high pressure hose (Dу6) Ру 40 MPa, l=10mPump fluid feed from the pump unit to the power hydrocylinders8
Spare parts, tools and accessories set

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